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Handwriting Basic Requirements:

  • Adequate fine motor skills
  • Correct pencil grip
  • Correct seating position – feet flat on the floor, chair pulled under the table, non-writing hand holding the book to keep it steady, sitting squarely facing the book.
  • Ensure that left handed children are sat at the end of the table so they do not knock into a right hander.


This programme is designed to be used for ten minutes a day on a daily basis. The length of time spent on each stage will depend on how quickly the children become confident with the pattern, individual letter and join.


Below you will find the document detailing the progression.

A child’s fine motor skills and pencil control is one of the basic requirements for good handwriting skills. Below you will find different pencil control sheets that you can print off for your child to complete.

As it says in the progression most letters are formed in ‘pattern families’. Below are sheets for you to print off so your child can practise at home.