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Deefur; our School Dog

We are pleased to announce that from September 2019 we will have a new member of the Marnel Infant School team. Deefur, our chocolate labrador, will be joining us. This page has the introductory letter, some FAQs and the current Risk Assessment (the Risk Assessment will be updated on an ongoing basis).

To keep Deefur's mind active and keep her out of trouble (!) Miss Cox has bought her some games where she has to work out how to get her treats out!!

Deefur's tunnel. This week Deefur was given a tunnel by Miss Cox's Mum and Dad...it's safe to say she rather likes it and it will have to come to school so she can still play with it!

Yesterday Carolann, who is a dog trainer, visited Miss Cox and Deefur at home to see how they were getting on. She couldn't believe all the things that Deefur can already do! When Deefur needs to go to the toilet she rings a set of bells on the back door so that Miss Cox can let her out. She come when called, sit, lie down and give you her paw. Carolann will be coming into school in September to do an assembly for all the children about being around a dog so that humans and Deefur are all happy and safe.  

This week we also have met our new vet for the first time! She had one set of injections before she came home to live with Miss Cox. She had another one this week and will need one more in less than two weeks so then she will be able to go out for walks...ready for the start of the school year smiley

Deefur took a little nap under Miss Cox's desk in her 'school bed'. She likes to sleep right on the edge...which when she's on the sofa means you have to create a crash mat for her to have a soft landing!

Deefur managed to walk all the way down to Foxes this week for a good sniff around...she did need Miss Cox to carry her back up to school though!

It's been another busy week for Deefur...when it rained Miss Cox made her a den...Deefur helped by removing the pegs and then enjoyed sitting outside of it looking in!

Thank you to my niece Allegra for helping me with Deefur's training...she can now 'lie down'. Thank you to Claudia (my youngest niece) for taking the video. Well done Deefur you are a very clever girl :-)

Still image for this video

Deefur is learning how to follow instructions...we have mastered coming when called and sitting...we are almost there with lie down!

Still image for this video

Deefur visits school for the first time...

New harness! Deefur is not yet able to go out for walks until she has had her second lot of injections. Her new harness is a bit big still but it was the smallest one they had!!

Deefur is learning to carry her own waterbottle!

I have got lots of new toys to play with and explore. Thank you to everyone who bought them for me!

This is me having my first meal at home with Miss Cox

This is me having my first meal at home with Miss Cox  1

As I am still a puppy I sleep almost 16 hours a day...when I am really sleepy I like to lie on Miss Cox's arms, legs and feet!

I am still very tiny. I weigh 4.95 Kg and I am only a little bit taller that an small coke bottle!

I am still very tiny. I weigh 4.95 Kg and I am only a little bit taller that an small coke bottle! 1

Deefur Comes Home!


Miss Cox collected Deefur from Essex where she had been living since she had been born. She lived with her Mummy, 2 sisters and 5 brothers. Miss Cox met with a puppy trainer before she picked Deefur up and the trainer told her that she would need to have Deefur on her lap on the way home to keep her safe and calm. Deefur did really well on her journey home especially as there was a traffic jam on the M25 (which is a very busy road). Both Deefur and Miss Cox were very pleased to be at home together smiley