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Rabbit Class 2016 - 2017

Basing Woods!


Rabbit class had an amazing day in Basing Woods on Monday. We had a go at den building, woodland art, bug hunting, following a woodland trail, toast and juice back at base camp and nest building. We had so much fun jumping up and down in muddy puddles! A huge thank you to Mr wood and Mr Bone for allowing us to make such amazing memories.

World Book Day!


We had a fantastic week celebrating World Book Day last week. We spent the week learning about fairy tales and re-telling The Gingerbread Man and Rumplestiltskin. 


Well done for all the fantastic costumes on Thursday 2nd March. All the children looked amazing.

World War II Evacuation Day. Friday 10th February was a very exciting day indeed. All the children from Rabbit class were evacuated for their own safety as there was a war on. The children waved goodbye to their parents at the classroom door and then headed of to the train. When they arrived in the countryside, they attended their new school. It was very different indeed!

Thank you for all those parents who braved the cold to come and see Mrs Baker and myself. It was lovely to share your children's successes and targets with you tell help them continue to make progress. we look forward to seeing more of you on Tuesday 31st January. Don't forget their is a creche in the hall for little ones. If you are unable to attend for any reason please let us know and we will arrange another appointment after school.

In Maths this week we have been mastering subtraction. We have been using cubes, structured number lines and unstructured number lines to solve subtraction problems. Doing lots of countingbackwards has helped us to count back in ones to find the answers.


Please continue to help your child to learn how to count backwards by coutning backwards as you come down the stairs, making a number track and counting back with your favourite toy or counting backwards using the stopwatch function on your smart phone or tablet.

We have also been having lots of fun exploring the IPads. In computing we are using them to create e-greetings cards and we are also allowed to use them in choosing time. What great fun they are!

Don't forget to sign up for parents evening this week. Sign up sheets will be outside classroom doors from Monday 16th January. Post-it notes and pencils will be provided so you can jot down your date and time.

Wednesday 25th January 3.20-6.30pm

Tuesday 31st January 3.20-6.30pm

Mrs Baker and I look forward to seeing you all.

In Literacy this week we are looking at instructions. We are going to be learning how to use our imperative verbs (bossy words) and adverbs to write a set of instructions. Today we started by making some sandwiches as a packed lunch for an evacuee. We followed the instructions we were given carefully and even got to eat the sandwiches afterwards. Delicious!

We have had another very busy week in Rabbit class. We have been continuing to learn all about WW2, had a visit from Bishop David, who blessed the new parts of our school and have been learning about time and weight in Maths. 


The topic of World War 2 has really captured the imagination of the children in Rabbit class. They have been enjoying exploring the role play loft, becoming air raid wardens, evacuees and even learning how to play marbles. I would certainly feel very safe with the Rabbit's on hand if there was an attack by the German aircraft!

In Maths this week we have been very busy. We started the week reminding ourselves about place value and how to order numbers using our understanding of tens and ones. In one group we became number detectives and were trying to solve clues to find the answer to our problems. For example:


I am a two digit number. My tens in one more than 7 and I have 3 ones. What number an I?


Can you guess? That's right, I am number 83!


Then we moved on to some work on time and weights. We had to work out how much an object weighed using cubes. We knew that the trays on our weighing scales had to be balanced, which meant they had to be equal or the same. 

In Literacy we have been writing a recount of our fantastic Science Day. We wrote about the investigations that we carried out and our favourite part of the day. To help write our recount we used time adverbials so that we could write about our day in the right order. Time adverbials are words like First,... Next,... Then,... After that,... and Finally,...


Next week we will be having a go at writing a set of instructions. We will be using our imperative verbs and adverbials to help us write a clear set of instructions to help you when their is an air raid. We role played an air raid in our history lesson and used the classroom tables as an Anderson Shelter. Luckily for us it was not the real thing!

Happy New Year Rabbits!


Well, what a start we have had to the New Year! Today we all took part in a special Science day. We had lots of fun exploring colour, watching exploding custard and growing crystals. Have a look at what we got up to!


Tomorrow we are having a special History day to start our new topic. Come back tomorrow to find out what we got up to.



Science Day

Children in Need

I would like to start this week by saying a huge thank you to all the grown ups who cam to visit us on Tuesday. The children had a lovely morning showing you what they get up to and were very proud of themselves. We hope that you all enjoyed yourself too and are, like us, very proud of your children.


In Maths this week we have been learning all about division. We have been sharing objects and recording our answers in the form of jottings. Both Mrs Baker and Miss Wheaton are very proud of how well the children have been applying themselves in maths and look forward to an exciting week of place value and addition next week.


In Literacy this week, we have been learning about the features of a non-chronological report. We had a visit from a polar explorer who told us all about some of the animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We then learnt how to find out information from a written source and have added this to our information posters. Next week we will be having a go at writing a report on the animals and people that live in the North and South Poles.


In Art, we have been making papier mache penguins. They are coming on really well and we are very excited to be finishing them. To end the week, we had a very special day. We all came to school in our pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need. We were also aloud to bring in our teddies so they could see what we get up to in school. Thank you for all of your donations to support this charity.

Snap Shots of our Busy Week!

We have hit the ground running after a lovely restful half term break. The children were all very excited on Monday as it was Halloween and I got to hear all about their costumes. They were even more excited, if a little tired, on Tuesday after some eventful trick or treating. 


We have started our new topic of Pole to Pole by learning about the continents of the world and being able to locate the Arctic and Antarctic on the world map. We have been looking at animals that live in the Arctic and watched a short film of the Norther Lights. "They were beautiful!" said Elsie.


In Maths we have been continuing to practise and use our number bonds to 10. The children have been working hard to be able to instantly recall their number bonds and are doing very well.


In Literacy we have been reading the Oliver Jeffers book Lost and Found. The children have been asked to make some more copies of the story by one of our Year R children as it is his favourite book and he would love to share it with all of his friends. Of course the Rabbit's have come to the rescue and have been retelling the story in lots of imaginative ways this week


In art this half term we will be making papier mache penguins. If you have any 2ltr bottles at home, could you please bring them in. Please could you ensure they have been rinsed out first. We will also be needing lots of newspaper as well. Thank you.

Well the last two weeks of this half term have been full of learning and packed with fun. We would like to say a huge thank you to those parents who were able to join us on our outcome morning and help the children to make their flags and bunting for British Values day. The children were very proud to show off their classroom and enjoyed having you all in to help with their creative jobs.


In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10, counting on and back to 50 and beyond, learning how to use the terms faster, slower, fastest and slowest and measuring using non-standard measure. Mr Wood is going to be building a mud kitchen and he needed to know what size wellington boots to buy, so we helped him by measuring our feet. We were also able to tell him whose foot was longer or shorter and who had the longest feet. Perhaps you could try measuring your family's feet at home, but remember to use all the same objects so that you can compare!


In Literacy we have been writing non-chronological reports. Mrs Couling in the office needed some leaflets for the new children moving into the area, so we used what we have learnt about Popley to help. We decided that the children moving into the area would want to know about the parks, so we wrote some super sentences saying what was so good about them. We used 'because' to help use explain. Why not ask your child what is so great about where they live - they have got lots of great ideas!


Once again it has been a busy half term. I would like to say thank you for all of your continued support this half term with your child's learning. Don't forget to keep reading little and often, practice those words and keeeeeeeeep counting!


British Values Day

Outcome Morning

This week in Rabbit class we have been recounting our local walk so Miss Cox can find her way to the shop to buy som healthy snacks. We have been learning about finding half of a shape, number or group of objects and continuing to make our moving pictures.


We also had a very exciting visit from Dave and Ron, two firefighters, who came in their fire engine to teach is all about fire safety. We learnt how to stay safe at home by asking our grown-ups to check the smoke alarms once a week and change the batteries once a year. We also had a go on the fire hose! It was great fun!


In Maths, we have been helping Flat Stanley's mum to pack her bags for a trip. She put everything in one bag, which was too heavy, so we helped her to group the objects in half. We had to make sure that she had exactly the same in each bag so that each bag was equal. We also found half of shapes and numbers. On Friday We helped Miss Wheaton share a bar of chocolate between her and Mrs Witts. We made sure that Mrs Witts had exactly the same so that it was fair!


In Literacy this week, we have been helping Miss Cox find her way to the local shop, so that she can buy some healthy snacks. We used fronted adverbials to help us to order our sentences. For example, first, next, then, after that and finally. We have been working very hard on our ccccc pattern and are trying hard to use it in our learning journeys.


Thank you to all those parents who came in on Tuesday evening to talk about the progress of the children in Rabbit class. I look forward to meeting the remainder of the parents on Wednesday.

Finding Half

Dave and Ron teach us about fire safety

This week in Rabbit class it has been all about sounds! We have been exploring our sound boxes and making lots of noise so that we can use our adjectives to describe them. We even talked about how we could write about our LOUD sounds using capital letters and use smaller letters to write about the quiet sounds. We also went on a local walk around Popley to explore the facilities in our local area and have started to make moving pictures using pivots and levers. It has been a very exciting week!


In Maths this week we have been learning all about shapes. We have been naming the four common 2D shapes and beginning to describe their properties.


In Literacy we have been writing our own sound poems. We explored every day objects from the classroom and used adjectives to describe them. It was a very noisy week, but fun!


Thank you for all those parents who came to the curriculum meeting on Wednesday evening. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces. We hope the session was useful for you. As we said, please feel free to come and catch us at the door if you have any questions or make an appointment to see us after school.

This week in Rabbit class we have been exploring algorithms using the BeeBots. We have been giving them multiple instructions to make them move around the classroom. We have also been proudly sharing our marbling images which we created in science. We were exploring surface tension and the children had to help me separate the oil based paints that I had accidently mixed with my tray of water. The Rabbits came up with lots of really good ideas and we settled on using paper to remove the oil from the surface of the water.


In Maths, we have been learning how to group two numbers together and find the total. We have been using cubes, counting objects, jottings and even structured number lines to solve our number sentences.


In Literacy, we have been continuing our story of On The Way Home by Jill Murphy. We have been learning how to use our writer's packs to help us structure sentences, including an adjective to describe our character.


Just to remind you that PE is on a Wednesday. The Rabbits are getting much quicker at changing and enjoyed practicing throwing and catching this week.


On Wednesday, the Rabbits will be going on a local walk around Popley. Please could you make sure that coats are bought in and appropriate footwear if it is raining. 

It has been another busy week in Rabbit class. We have chosen our class school councillors, written our class charter and continued with our science investigations. We have also been retelling the story On the Way Home by Jill Murphy in literacy, practicing our c pattern in handwriting and learning how to take away in Maths.


Just a quick reminder that PE is on a Wednesday. This half term we will be learning how to control a ball on our own and with a partner. This week, the children were very good at getting changed and making sure that they kept their uniform together neatly!

Welcome to Rabbit Class! We hope you had a really exciting and enjoyable summer break and are excited about starting the new year in our new classroom. The children have been very busy exploring their new learning environment and have already been carrying out science and maths investigations and are in the process of voting for their new school council representatives!


Just a few reminders...

For the rest of this half term, PE will be on a Wednesday. Please make sure that your child has a named PE kit in school. Please also ensure that all clothes and shoes are labelled as well, so we can return any that are separated from their owners.


Please remember to sign the red diary to show that you have read with your child or pop down any messages you have for us.


We are looking forward to lots of exciting adventures this year and can't wait to share them all with you.

Haven't we been busy!